System Integration for Gas Chromatographs - LDetek LDrack

Easy GC Maintenance or System Enhancement

Key features

  • Unique slide out design to offer easy access for maintenance without removing unit from gas sources.
  • Welded equipment and VCR fittings/valves/regulators to ensure proper installation for the semiconductor industry.
  • Installation of third party analyzers when required.
  • Portable cabinets solution available.

  • View examples of chromatograms here


The LDrack system is designed to allow easy integration of MultiDetek2 gas chromatographs or any other gas analyzer with optional gas stream selection, gas dilution and a gas flow control panel in a single system. Installation of the self-contained unit is simple and routine maintenance is quick and easy as each unit slides out: there is no need to disconnect any unit from the gas sources.

We also offer a portable solution for gas analysis. Its robust transportable rackmount enclosure with carrying handles and wheels is the perfect solution when moving the analyzer to different locations is required.


Orbital welding gas connections for ultra-high purity applications to ensure leak integrity (electronic and semiconductor).
Heating and cooling systems available for variable ambient environment (indoor/outdoor).


Automatic exhaust vent system in case of a hazardous gas leak detected inside the cabinet.
LEL hazardous gas sensor to monitor and detect hazardous gas leaks inside the cabinet.


A third-party analyzer can be mounted in our integrated solution to extend the analysis capabilities and offer a complete turnkey solution.
Multiple gas ports with different gas connection types are available.
There is a choice between different rackmount cabinet configurations: Portable/Floor Mount/Wall Mount
There is a choice between different materials: Steel/Stainless Steel/Plastic
Slide-out design to give easy access to the analytical equipment mounted inside our cabinets.


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