Moisture in Liquid Analyzer - Michell Liquidew I.S.

For Moisture Measurement in Process Liquids

Key features

  • Simple, cost-efficient operation and low maintenance
  • Retrofit functionality, easy to integrate into existing sampling or distribution systems
  • High integrity moisture in liquid measurement from 0.01 ppmW to saturation point
  • Multi-channel with up to four completely independent measurement channels
  • Robust design for undisturbed operation in many non-polar liquids over a long time
  • Three 4...20 mA configurable outputs and digital Modbus RTU-based communication
  • Replaceable sensor element with Michell Calibration Exchange Service for reliable cost-efficient calibration
  • NIST and NPL traceable calibration
  • EExd version available
  • Optional, highly reliable and cost-effective 2-wire, loop-powered O2 transmitter


Intrinsically safe moisture in liquids analyzer for fast, reliable on-line measurements. Continuous online measurement allows monitoring and control of processes to maximise efficiency for production and maintenance.

Based on the Michell Ceramic Metal-Oxide Moisture Sensor, Liquidew I.S. measures trace moisture in a wide variety of non-polar liquids. It is fully certified for use in hazardous areas and typical applications include control of moisture for petroleum refineries and petrochemical processing. Optional Oxygen Electrochemical sensors offer additional capability for percentage and ppmV O2 measurements.

The control unit in the multi-channel format can also include a moisture in gas analysis or oxygen measurement function by combining with the Promet I.S. Moisture in Gas Analyzer or the Minox-i O2 transmitter.


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