Modular Process GC – LDetek MultiDetek3

Modular Process GC – LDetek MultiDetek3

Key features

  • Convenient and flexible configuration
  • Choose PED, TCD or FID detectors
  • 2 sample inlet ports allow simultaneous analysis of two streams
  • Online sensors for trace moisture and oxygen analysis
    built in
  • Modular design for easy maintenance
  • Simple to operate with 15.6”full colour touch-screen UI
  • Temperature-controlled to ensure maximum accuracy and stability
  • Sophisticated data management with dedicated software
  • View examples of chromatograms here


The MultiDetek3 is the latest development of our popular range of compact industrial gas chromatographs. It is more than a simple gas chromatograph: it’s a modular process GC instrument, that combines the functionality of two GCs in one with the ability to also monitor trace moisture and oxygen online. The instrument has been completely redesigned and features an extra-large 15.6” touch screen for easy visibility and operation. It has a dual sample inlet and online modules which allow simultaneous stream analysis of trace moisture and oxygen together with trace impurities. It is temperature controlled for improved stability and performance. The software interface is our latest LDChroma+, which offers more sophisticated data management and a planning platform.


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