Humidity and Temperature Probe Calibrator - Michell OptiCal

Built-in Chilled Mirror Reference Hygrometer

Key features

  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Easy calibration of relative humidity sensors
  • Excellent chamber stability and uniformity
  • Manual control or optional straightforward automated set point programming
  • Humidity and temperature-controlled chamber
  • Generate 10 to 90% RH over +10 to +50°C temperature
  • Built in precision chilled mirror reference instrument
  • Transportable to allow on-site calibrations


The OptiCal is a premium, self-contained calibrator for humidity sensors. It features an integrated chilled-mirror reference which enables the operator to perform calibrations that are traceable to national standards.

The calibration chamber accommodates up to 5 probes or sensors of any brand or model. The chamber is insulated, and temperature controlled for maximum stability and minimum temperature gradients.


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