Industrial Grade Chilled Mirror Hygrometer - Michell Optidew

Drift-Free Affordable Humidity Measurement for Industrial Applications

Key features

  • New chilled mirror hybrid sensor gives fast dynamic response to changes in humidity
  • Accurate to ±0.15°C dew point, ±0.1°C temperature
  • Wide measurement range from -40 to +120°C dew point
  • Choice of communication methods, including Modbus TCP over Ethernet communication for easy networking
  • Optional pressure transmitter for accurate calculation of ppmV & g/kg


The Optidew 401 and Optidew 501 are fast-responding chilled mirror hygrometers utilizing the latest developments in chilled mirror technology. Ideal for use in industrial humidity control and precision laboratory applications. Available in bench top and wall mount configurations as well as a transmitter version of the Optidew 501 (without a display). Featuring ±0.15 °C accuracy across its -40 to +120 °C dew-point measurement range.


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