Oxygen Inerting System - Ntron Oxy-One 100/200

Direct Control and Automated Oxygen Sensor Calibration

Key features

  • Auto Calibration & Diagnostics LED
  • Colour Touch Screen, 5.7"
  • Single Sensor Input
  • Mode Feature
  • Data Logging
  • RS232/RS485 Communications
  • Password Protected Configuration
  • Multiple Digital / Analogue Outputs
  • User Configurable Addressable Alarms
  • Wall / Surface Mounting
  • Range Measurement Commissioning
  • Trend of Oxygen Measurement Historically


The Ntron OxyOne is designed to interface directly with Ntron supplied sensors or sampling systems including sensor and flow inputs.

The Analyser can control the automatic calibration of each Sensor independently via remotely located solenoid valves. All electrical interfacing with the Sensor or Sampling System is made through connection terminals and barriers supplied with the analyser.

The OxyOne has user selectable operating modes and includes a simulation/commissioning mode that allows the operator to test the system and various circuits without having to use test gases or sensors. A communication port allows high speed configuration and remote diagnostics.

The OxyOne Analyser provides flexibility for use in various applications with the same reliability and accuracy that has been consistent with the Ntron name. These applications include: Reactors, Mixing Vessels, Centrifuges, Mills & Dryers, Vessels & Vent Lines, Ambient Atmospheres, Conveying Systems.


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