Oxygen Analyzer - Michell XTP601

Low-maintenance O2 Measurement

Key features

  • General purpose or ATEX, UKCA, IECEx, cQPSus, TR CU & Ex hazardous area certified models
  • SIL2 Capable
  • Ranges available: 0...0.5 % up to 0...50 % & 20, 80 or 90...100 %
  • Touch-screen display allows calibration or adjustment without the need for a hot works permit
  • Intrinsic error (accuracy) is better than 1 % full scale
  • Zero range stability better than 0.25 % of range per month
  • Outputs include RS485 and two 4...20 mA (following NAMUR NE 44 standard)
  • Low cost of ownership due to minimal maintenance and no consumable parts


The XTP601 Oxygen Analyzer for safe or hazardous areas is a robust, linear and stable device that is used for measurements in gases such as biogas, methane, hydrogen, nitrogen or carbon dioxide. The analyzer is SIL2 Capable.

A robust, linear and stable oxygen analyzer for measurements in gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen, methane, biogas, or carbon dioxide. The analyzer is housed in an IP66 rugged casing, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The XTP601 can be supplied with flame arrestors, as either explosion-proof and certified for use in hazardous areas or for use with flammable gases in a safe area.


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