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Oxygen Analyzer With Remote Sensor - AII GPR-1900/2900

Flexible, Easy Maintenance Oxygen Measurement


  • Measurement ranges from 0-10ppm up to 0-100% O2
  • Barometric pressure and temperature compensation
  • Accuracy of better than 2% of range
  • Two user configurable alarms
  • Range ID output
  • 12-28 V DC or mains powered options
  • XLT sensor options for CO2 backgrounds

A panel mounted oxygen analyser with a remote sensor allows flexibility of installation. The GPR-1900 gas analyzer is suitable for trace oxygen measurements as low as 0-10 ppm; the GPR-2900 measures O2 up to 100%. The remote sensor block allows a very easy oxygen sensor replacement for simple and fast maintenance and low cost of ownership. All versions can be locked manually to a single range or auto-range. The user is always aware of the oxygen measurement range used via the range ID output.