Handheld O2 Analyzer - Palm O2D

For Oxygen Measurement in Welding and Scuba Diving

Key features

  • Easy user interface, one touch controls
  • Tried and tested nitrox analyzer
  • One touch calibration, 100% O2 or air
  • Long battery life, 13,000 hrs of use
  • Quick and simple to use with accurate reliable results
  • State of the art electronics

  • Accessories also available below:
  • 1-8 Tube to Sensor BC Restrictor 1 LPM
  • Dome to Sensor Adaptor
  • Blue Tee Adapter 15mm x 22mm
  • Flow Diverter 15 mm 2 O-Ring
  • Dovetail Pole Shelf Clamp Female Mounting Bracket
  • Cable Coiled w/ Phono Jack (Exterior Sensor- Remote Style)


The Palm O2, is a handheld nitrox analyzer that provide a very easy way to verify oxygen levels prior to welding or in scuba diving tanks.

Analytical Industries’ AII Palm O2 is a small, lightweight pro nitrox analyzer. These cost-effective, highly accurate oxygen analyzers are designed to measure and display the concentration of oxygen in compressed breathing air tanks intended for scuba diving, for personnel safety, O2 deficiency in confined spaces as well as confirming the O2 levels prior to welding.

These O2 analyzers use similar electrochemical galvanic fuel cell oxygen sensors that are extensively used to measure concentrations from 0% to 100% O2 in gas streams.


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