Plasma Emission Detector for GCs - LDetek PlasmaDetek 2

Plug-and-Play PPB to % Gas Chromatograph Detector

Key features

  • Argon or helium carrier gas
  • Design ensure no dead-volume
  • All in one detector by replacing existing technologies commonly used
  • Selective and non-selective configuration
  • Analog or digital interface
  • Wide range of applications
  • Easy to interface with any GC and analyzer design
  • PPB to % detection
  • Very stable signal
  • Maintenance free
  • Fast installation and tune up
  • Configuration software
  • Possibility of customizable protocol to control the device
  • Detect organic and inorganic compounds, permanent gases and noble gases (including Ne)


PlasmaDetek 2 from LDetek is a microprocessor-based plasma emission detector system. It has an intelligent, customizable configuration capability to make industrial gas chromatography simple and accessible across a wide range of applications. An ‘all in one’ detector, it not only enables existing analysis but also makes new analysis techniques available.

Designed for GC systems integrators, GC manufacturers and end users, PlasmaDetek 2 has a plug and play design for easy integration into new and existing industrial gas chromatography systems.


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