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Portable Diving Mix Analyzer - AII Trimix 4001

All-in-One Gas Detection Package for Technical Diving


  • Displays O2, He and balance gas (0-100%)
  • One touch calibration with air (O2 Span and He Zero)
  • Includes temperature, barometric pressure and RH sensors
  • Long life battery with 16 hours of use, with two-hour charge time
  • 15-minute auto-off feature to save battery
  • Watertight, IP65 enclosure

A portable Trimix Analyzer designed to ensure the correct mix of helium, oxygen and nitrogen for technical diving. This easy-to-operate diving instrument automatically corrects for environmental conditions, eliminating the risk of errors from manual calculations. This will help the user to avoid nitrogen narcosis during dives down to 46 meters. It has a large backlit LCD display that is easily read even in low light conditions, and which provides additional information such as a Maximum Operating Depth calculation. These features make the Trimix 4001 one of the best nitrox analyzers on the market.