Portable Oxygen Analyzers - GPR-1100 and GPR-2000

Trace and ambient measurement: user-friendly and convenient for on or off-site applications

Key features

  • Wide variety of measurement ranges from 0…10 ppmV to 0…25 %
  • 0…1 V output
  • Up to 30 days battery life
  • Integrated measurement data logging
  • Safe or Hazardous Area options
  • Sensor options for different background gases


Our portable range of oxygen analyzers are made for applications that must be controlled at several defined points.

Designed for efficiency and agility, the GPR-1100 (ppmV) and GPR-2000 (%) oxygen analyzers are the go-to solution for swift, point-to-point measurements for spot-checking oxygen contamination in various industrial applications. These reliable, compact analyzers feature an LCD screen displaying O2 concentration, and our range of electrochemical sensors allows for measurement with background gases containing hydrocarbons, acid gases or helium and hydrogen.


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