Rugged Heavy Duty Liquid Level Switch - SST LLHT Series Glass Tip

Level Sensors for Harsh Industrial Environments

Key features

  • Designed for applications requiring a robust metal housing and a wide operating temperature range
  • Reverse polarity, ESD, transient over-voltage and short circuit protected
  • Wide supply voltage ranges
  • N and P type output configurations, capable of sinking or sourcing up to 200mA, can directly drive small loads
  • Standard and extended temperature ranges available
  • Stainless steel housing with simex glass sensing tip
  • Choice of terminations
  • Very high operating pressure
  • LED output indication


The LLHT Series Glass Tip level switches are robust and rugged, ideal for operation in harsh industrial environments, aggressive chemicals and extreme temperatures up to 140°C.

The LLHT Series Glass Tip sensor is solid state, combining an infra-red LED and phototransistor which are optically coupled by the tip when the sensor is in air. When the sensing tip is immersed in liquid, the infra-red light escapes making the output change state. The sensor can detect the presence or absence of almost any liquid type, oil or water based.

Options of N and P type outputs can sink or source up to 200mA at a supply voltage range from 12 to 28Vdc and can be configured to be a high or low signal in either a wet or dry state. The sensor is available with a M12 connector or 3 core cable and also has LED output indication.

The stainless steel body combined with a crystal glass sensing tip allows the LLHT Series Glass Tip level switch to operate under high pressure conditions up to 80 bar and across two temperature ranges; Standard (-40 to 100°C) or Extended (-40 to 140ºC).


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