Portable Oxygen Analyzers - GPR-1200 and GPR-3500

Easy Trace and Pure Oxygen Measurement

Key features

  • Wide variety of measurement ranges from 0…10 ppmV to 0…100 %
  • 0…1 V output
  • Up to 30 days battery life
  • Integrated measurement data logging
  • Safe or Hazardous Area options
  • Sensor options for different background gases


Our portable range of oxygen analyzers are made for applications that must be controlled at several defined points.

Available in both General Purpose and Intrinsically Safe configurations, GPR-1200 is meticulously engineered for precise trace oxygen measurements, enabling you to verify process or online instrumentation with unparalleled accuracy.

The General Purpose GPR-3500 offers a measurement range of 0...100 % and temperature compensation for improved accuracy and enhanced stability. Leveraging established technology, our unique advanced sensors have been developed and proven over three decades, and are optimized for use with our analyzers.

Both versatile portables feature a unique bypass valve for enabling faster oxygen measurement from point to point and prolonged sensor life, and they accommodate various electrochemical oxygen sensors to enable applications in inert, hydrocarbon, helium, hydrogen, mixed and acid (carbon dioxide) gas streams.


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