Process Oxygen Analyzer for Hazardous Areas - AII GPR-2800

Low Maintenance Solution In Demanding % Oxygen Measurements

Key features

  • Hazardous area rated for key global markets; including ATEX, IECEx, cMETus, UKEx
  • Four measurement ranges from 0 to 25% O2
  • Measure O2 in hydrocarbon gas streams, mixed acidic gases or hydrogen and helium with different sensors
  • Sensor life of up to 32 months
  • Simple, intuitive HMI
  • Two user configurable alarms
  • Analog and digital output signals
  • Range of sampling options available


The GPR-2800 series of process oxygen analyzers allows measurements of 0-1 up to 0-21% O2 in hazardous areas. Combined with our modular sample system, this O2 analyzer will suit most applications for process customers around the world. Analytical Industries' proprietary long-life oxygen sensor technology offers maintenance-free sensor operation of up to 32 months for the low cost of ownership. The industry-proven quality of our electrochemical oxygen sensors ensures reliable oxygen content measurements even with high carbon dioxide backgrounds.


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