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Refrigerant Infrared Gas Sensor – Dynament Platinum Series

Refrigerant IR Sensors


  • Sensors available to cover the LEL range for R32 and R454b
  • Plug-and-Play functionality: Each sensor contains all the necessary optics, electronics and firmware to provide a linearized, temperature-compensated output. Expedites the time to market
  • USB powered Premier Configuration Unit allows the user to calibrate and re-configure the sensor parameters. PC software includes datalogging feature
  • Manual calibration option can be performed without digital commands
  • High degree of EMC protection

PST offers a range of refrigerant infrared gas sensors that measure R32 and R454b gases over the LEL range. The sensors are designed with non-dispersive infrared technology and respond to many refrigerant gasses.

The Platinum series platform provides a linearized, high resolution measurement of R32 or R454b over the lower explosive limit range.
Sensor ranges:

  • R32 0-15% volume
  • R454b 0-12% volume

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