Data Logger - Rotronic HL-1D, BL-1D, TL-1D

Data Logger for Humidity, Temperature, Dew-Point and Pressure - Rotronic HL-1D, BL-1D, TL-1D

Key features

    HL-1D: Humidity and temperature
    BL-1D: Process pressure, dew point, humidity and temperature
    TL-1D: Temperature, high storage capacity: 64,000 lines
    GAMP 5-compliant HygroSoft software
    Certified to EN 12830


The Rotronic compact Data Loggers cover the most important measurement parameters and can measure climatic parameters such as humidity, temperature and ambient pressure. Small in size but accurate and fully compatible with the free evaluation and configuration Software HygroSoft.

Logging mode
Start/ Stop mode or endless mode with the possibility for changeable intervals. Also, the log mode can be started with the AutoStart function.

HL-1D Humidity and Temperature Data Logger
The HL-1D is Rotronic's bestselling and smallest humidity logger available from Rotronic.

BL-1D Ambient Pressure and Dew Point Humidity Data Logger
In addition to humidity and temperature, the BL-1D also logs ambient pressure and dew point.

TL-1D Temperature Datalogger
The TL-1D temperature data logger: compact, accurate and inexpensive.


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