Percent Oxygen Analyzer - GPR-2500

Ambient % monitoring: low-maintenance and high-accuracy in Safe and Hazardous Areas

Key features

  • Wide variety of measurement ranges from 0...1 % to 0…25 %
  • Sensor options for measurement in helium, carbon dioxide or hydrogen gases
  • Hazardous area-rated for key global markets
  • Gas temperature compensation
  • Loop-powered configurations available


GPR-x500 analyzers are single-channel, and engineered for precise trace oxygen analysis and percentage oxygen measurement in clean gas. Sensor options enhance this robust analyzer’s capabilities for measurement in gases such as carbon dioxide, helium and hydrogen. Hazardous and Safe Area-approved, GPR-x500 is built for industries with stringent safety requirements.

Leveraging established technology, our unique advanced sensors have been developed and proven over three decades, and are optimized for use with our analyzers.

We offer seamless integration of Human-Machine Interface (HMI) across our online and portable analyzers. This intuitive concept ensures effortless switching between instruments. Our analyzers are streamlined, user-friendly, and built for accuracy because ease-of-use matters as much as results.


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