Michell Instruments Calibration Services for Dew Point

The calibration laboratory of Michell Instruments is UKAS accredited for the measurement of humidity and dew point. Michell Instruments has been the pioneer in humidity and dewpoint calibrations opening the first humidity calibration lab in UK. Today it offers a calibration service for most moisture sensors and instrumentation, carried out against test equipment traceable to NPL (National Physical Laboratory, London, UK) and NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology, Maryland, USA) through Michell’s ISO/IEC 17025 UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accreditation.

Services include

  • Traceable ISO9001 calibration from -100 to +90°C (-148 to +194°F) dew point
  • ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibrations from -90 to +90°C (-130 to +194°F) dew point
  • We can also provide ISO/IEC 17025 accredited Relative Humidity calibrations from 0 to 95 °C up to 98% RH in our laboratory at Rotronic UK. (link to above Rotronic section)

Which Calibration Do I Need?
Factory Adjustment Certificate (ISO) OR SCS/UKAS Certificate?

SCS, UKAS, NIST-Certificate Calibrations

Your internal quality process requirements generally determine whether a factory adjustment certificate suffices or whether an ISO 17025 (SCS/UKAS) certificate is needed. SCS or UKAS certificates are generally required in the pharmaceutical industry, the medical technology industry, research and development and the food industry. ISO 17025 certifications are performed with high precision reference hygrometers and for temperature calibration, an equally high precision temperature bath is used. The best possible SCS or UKAS calibration accuracy can only be achieved if all process parameters are controlled and checked at the highest level – SCS or UKAS certification is therefore only possible in one of our accredited laboratories.

Factory Calibrations as per ISO 9001 Standard

A standard traceable adjustment certification can be carried out by you or by our calibration technicians. The following calibration methods are suitable for this:

  • HygroGen2 (humidity and temperature generator – Standard and XL models from 0…60 °C and 5…95 %RH as standard; option of -5…60 °C and 2…99 %RH)
  • ROTRONIC humidity standards (calibration solutions from 0.5…95 %RH in packs of five ampoules and textile pads with SCS certificate)
  • Traceable ISO9001 calibration from -100 to +90°C (-148 to +194°F) dew point


Michell Instruments understands and endorses the need to conform to recognized standards for quality and calibration. Our calibration laboratory maintains full traceability to British (NPL) and American (NIST) Humidity Standards. Our scope may be viewed on the UKAS website

Our UKAS accreditation is commonly recognised elsewhere in the world as EAL, or NVLAP (National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program) in the USA.