Customized Dynament Industrial Safety Sensors

At Dynament we design and manufacture gas sensors that are made for use by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of gas monitoring and gas detection products. Dynament engineers work directly with our customers’ engineers to provide complete application and technical support in order to develop customised solutions that will meet their expectations.

Our services include:

  • Fast Prototyping
  • OEM Circuit Board
  • Gas Sensor Development Kits

OEM Circuit Board

For Use With Dynament Standard Series Sensors Only

This circuit board is for use with the Dynament Standard Range of infrared gas sensors. These produce a 'raw' AC signal and require additional processing electronics. It is intended for original equipment manufacturers who do not wish to develop their own electronics and software. Dynament offers this ready built and tested micro-controller based circuit board for use with its sensors. The micro-controller contains all the necessary software and signal processing algorithms to enable the user to minimise the time-to-market of their product/s. Custom software development facilities are also available.

'Standard' Gas Sensor Development Kit

For Use With Dynament Standard Series Sensors Only

This development kit has been designed by Dynament to provide OEM engineers with a quick and convenient method of appraising and characterising the Standard Range of infrared gas sensors. These sensors produce a 'raw' AC signal and require additional processing electronics. Requiring only a DC power supply, the module provides all the hardware and embedded software necessary to drive the sensor, extract the signals and convert them into a linearised analogue output proportional to the gas concentration.


  • Requires only a DC power supply and test gas to enable full sensor evaluation.
  • High resolution 12 bit A-D converter.
  • PC software provides data logging facility.
  • Pushbutton operation and onboard LCD for simple set-up and calibration.
  • 4-20mA analogue output, 10 bit, with current limit and polarity protection.
  • Data collection mode and RS232 data output facility for remote monitoring and data logging.
  • Polarity protection input for single 8-30V, 70mA dc supply.
  • Kit includes: sensor mounting, gas sampling adaptor, RS232 lead and PC software.

‘Platinum’ Model Gas Sensor Configuration Unit

The 'Premier' Gas Sensor Configuration unit is for use with 'Platinum' Series sensors. It enables customisation of user definable parameters, data logging and calibration. The Configuration Unit is an invaluable tool when developing an interface for the sensors. The unit is supplied complete with a PC software configuration package. Versions of the unit are available for either positive or negative supply sensors.

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