Customized Universal Monitoring Solutions

The enterprise-grade Rotronic Monitoring System (RMS) provides a modern platform to integrate sensors, data sources and 3rd party software platforms. It offers end users a secure, reliable, and user-friendly interface for live data, reporting and alarming.

RMS was developed ground-up for the demanding regulations of environmental monitoring within GxP applications. Combining these design principles with a modern architecture makes RMS ideal for any industrial or high-end manufacturing applications looking to digitise and securely integrate a wide range of inputs.

Sensor and Data Integration into RMS

  • Integration with local logging
    • - Wide range of fully digital RMS Data loggers (including Temperature, Humidity, CO2 Differential Pressure)
    • - Analog Data Logger (NTC probes, PT100 probes, Universal mA and Voltage)
    • - Logic inputs (counters & switches)
    • - Digital Input (Eg Modbus devices)
  • Digital Data sources (via API)
  • PST Sensor Solution Examples:

Software development

Core RMS software is designed under GAMP5 guidelines and fully validated. However, RMS by design allows many customized requirements to be met through external software solutions. In addition, specific customer requirements can be implemented to core RMS software under specific projects.

Data Integration out of RMS into 3rd Party software / hardware

  • JSON Reports
  • SQL Database connection

Custom Hardware

  • RMS requires very little local installation but in certain cases customized design work is needed. In Process Sensing Technologies we have access to world class design teams for any project requirements.
    • - ATEX integration
    • - Alarm beacon systems
    • - Custom electrical enclosures