Systems Engineering

Many gas measurement tasks can be successfully completed with an out of the box analyzer or transmitter, especially when environmental conditions are friendly. However there are numerous applications that require more effort to ensure that the gas or moisture measurement results are repeatable and comparable. For these challenging applications our customers often tap into our field proven System Engineering capabilities.
Our engineers in multiple global locations can help you designing the right system for your application, climatic zone or background gas.

Gas Piping Design for LDetek Trace Impurities Measurement

The correct design, installation and testing of the gas piping is extremely important when working with ultra-high purity, toxic or flammable gases. Errors, negligence or incompetence in one of the above works will not only impact the quality of the trace gas measurement but, in the extreme, can have catastrophic consequences. At PST we help customers designing pipelines for our LDetek gas chromatography systems, we take care of the welding as well as the installation and testing before completing the system.

Ldetek Piping Services
Ldetek Analyzer Cabinet

LDetek Analyzer Cabinet Design and Analyzer Integration

For many applications it is necessary to perform the measurements with multiple analyzer types integrated into one cabinet or rack system. Process Sensing Technologies can offer a full design and manufacturing capability for the supply of LDetek gas chromatographs or online analyzers integrated into standardized or dedicated cabinets. We can integrate the LDetek trace gas analyzers together with gas analysis instruments made by other manufacturers.

Gas Sample Analysis On-site and in our Lab

Before engineering the optimal trace gas analyser for your application it is often necessary to analyse the gas sample you intend to measure. We offer gas analysis in a laboratory with our own certified instruments as well as mobile gas analysis units for
on-site analysis at your location.

GxP V Model
Ldetek Analyzer Cabinet

Sampling Systems Design for Oxygen and Trace Moisture Analyzers

A well-designed sampling system is key to achieving correct trace moisture measurement and reliable long-term operation of any gas analyzer. Gas systems that disregard the requirements for adequate sample conditioning will fail to achieve the levels of accuracy promised in the analyzer data sheet. Controlling a process with such an analyser may be very costly for the user in the longer At Process Sensing Technologies our Systems Engineering teams at multiple global locations can provide custom design and build services to suit your moisture, oxygen or other gas measurement application.