Field Engineering Services for Michell Process Analyzers and Systems

Regular service and maintenance extends the life of your moisture or hydrocarbon dew-point analyzer and keeps it working accurately and efficiently for years, no matter what is the application. At Michell Instruments we are committed to help with on-site commissioning, installation, operator training, routine maintenance or in the unlikely event of sudden failure, with rapid repair of our dew point and trace moisture analyzers.

Did you know?

Michell Instruments also offer a range of extended maintenance policies, which cover annual servicing, recalibration & software upgrades for a wide range of trace moisture measurement products.

Remote location? No problem.

We’ve been commissioning, testing and maintaining the operation of our process moisture analyzers and systems for decades. With thousands of analyzers installed around the world from the frozen wastes of the Arctic Circle to the burning heat of sub-Saharan Africa, location is no problem. Our experienced field service engineers are committed to support our customers onsite in both onshore and offshore operations.

Dispute in West Africa resolved by the Condumax II Transportable

Michell’s commissioning engineers get to travel to some out-of-the-way places and tackle some unusual challenges in their line of work. A recent example of this involved working to resolve a dispute between an operator of gas turbines and the manufacturer of the fuel gas skids in West Africa.

There had been damage to the gas turbines – burnt-out fuel nozzles and damaged blades – which the turbine operator believed was the result of poor quality gas. The skid manufacturer disputed this as they didn’t believe it was an issue with the gas, but another part of the system.

Our commissioning engineer used a Condumax II Transportable Hydrocarbon Dew Point analyzer to test the quality of the fuel gas, which was found to be of good quality on all the skids. As a result, the dispute between the two companies was resolved, and attention could be moved to finding the real cause of the damage.

Ensuring natural gas quality in Northern Europe

The pictures in this case are from a compressor station for a subsea pipeline, and is one of the largest commissioning projects Michell has had to date. The operators installed eight Condumax II hydrocarbon dew-point analyzers and eight Promet EExd process moisture analyzers. Our field service engineer not only commissioned the analyzers but also provided training to the on-site operators.