Michell Instruments Sensor Exchange Program

For any measurement instrument it is important that it is re-calibrated regularly to maintain its performance and ultimately the reliability of your production process or quality of your end product.

In many plants and applications where trace moisture is measured it is not practical for the user to remove a hygrometer that, for example, controls a compressed air drying process in order to return it for recalibration. Recalibrations of dew-point transmitters with ranges as low as -100 °C dp can take up to 10 days which could be a major disruption and loss of visibility to any controlled process.

To enable customers to run their equipment practically without any down-time Michell Instruments offers an easy and cost-effective solution with their unique Easidew Transmitter Exchange Program.

The Process:

  1. Before re-calibration is due, the customer orders a replacement dew-point transmitter from Michell Instruments or one of our global representatives.
  2. Once received at the customer's premises, the original moisture transmitter is removed and replaced with the exchange Easidew. The replaced original product is returned to Michell Instruments. All calibration data is stored within the dew-point sensor, so no additional work is required. Each replacement transmitter comes with a traceable calibration certificate as standard.
  3. The returned Easidew dew-point hygrometer is refurbished and fitted with a replacement moisture sensor, and is then used for future exchanges. This means that the service can be offered for the same price as a return-to-base re-calibration.

Michell Instruments also offers a range of extended maintenance policies, which cover annual servicing, recalibration & software upgrades for a wide range of trace moisture measurement products.

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