Accessories for Trace Impurity, Plasma Detection and Online Trace Impurity Detectors

Our accessories are tailored to optimise and retain gas purity at every step of the gas sample stage in order to ensure the best performance for trace impurity measurements at the ppb level.


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Gas purifiers

Our gas purifiers eliminate impurities in the carrier gas in order to minimize any undesired interference with the sample gas under analysis. They are instrumental in reducing the detection limit of the sample gas impurities under analysis.

Gas handling equipment

When multiple gas streams are managed, they need handling with special care to guarantee they remain contamination free. Our gas stream selectors are tailored for high purity applications.

Instrumentation requires calibration at regular intervals and any mishandling of the gases and their dilutions during calibration would have ripple effects on subsequent sample gas analysis and their interpretation. Our gas dilution module is a statement of best practice to the industry.

LDetek offer gas purifiers, gas dilution systems, gas selection systems for high purity gases as well as traps and other accessories. System integration into 19” cabinets is possible with the LDrack system, it has a unique slide-out design for easy maintenance and allows for integration with third party analyzers.

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