Online Trace Impurities Analyzers

The LD series analyzers offer direct and continuous measurements of impurities in a gas. They are compact and rack-mountable for industrial & laboratory use.


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The LD8000 uses the LDetek Plasma Emission Detector (PED) for trace nitrogen measurements in Argon or Helium.

The LD2000 uses a Flame Ionisation Detector (FID) for measurements of Total Hydrocarbon (THC) traces.

The LD8000 Multigas combines measurement technologies for the measurement of Nitrogen, Hydrocarbons, Oxygen and/ or Moisture in Helium. This product can combine LDetek’s PED with Ntron’s Zirconia or Electrochemical oxygen sensing technologies; and Michell Instruments’ quartz crystal or ceramic metal-oxide moisture sensors.


  • Air separation unit
  • Helium cryogenic installation
  • Cryogenic truck loading station
  • Speciality gas laboratories
  • Process control
  • Argon purification plant
  • Steel Industries
  • Chemical plants
  • Welding gas control
  • Helium liquification plants
  • Gas management system
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Quality control for truck fills and gas cylinders
  • Inert glove box systems
  • Universities and laboratories
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