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Setup your cloud account

What to know how to setup your Rotronic Monitoring System (RMS) cloud account.

Server 2016 installation guide (not necessary for cloud (SaaS) version)

Learn how to install RMS Software V1.2 on a Windows 2016 Server and SQL Server 2017


Setup scripts

Carry out scripts in the Rotronic Monitoring System using the logical functions IF/AND/OR and THEN.

Setup user rights

This Rotronic Monitoring System tutorial shows how fast and simply user rights can be setup.

Setup new user groups

Learn how easily you can setup new user groups in the continuous Rotronic Monitoring System.

Setup alarm on measuring point

This tutorial shows how to setup an alarm on a single measuring point in the continuous Monitoring System RMS.

Setup alarm scheme

Follow this tutorial to setup the alarm scheme in your Rotronic Monitoring System. The RMS offers clear alarm functions and records all events such as error messages, warnings or system messages in the database.

Setup notifications

Notifications can easily be setup in the continuous monitoring system. Follow the tutorial to see how to define the user receiving the notifications and also how and when they receive the notifications.

Setup action

What happens if an alarm is triggered? Define your required actions via the action function of RMS.


Add a LAN device

You want to add a LAN device into your continuous Monitoring System?

Add a logo and update name

You would like to brand your Monitoring System with your own name and logo? See how easily logos can be uploaded and names updated.

Calibrate a measuring point

A measuring point needs to be calibrated in your Rotronic Monitoring System. Learn in this short tutorial how to fulfill this task.

Data analysis overview

Understand how the data analysis function works and setup your own automated reports.

Change language

Your Rotronic Monitoring System Interface shows the wrong language? No problem - follow the tutorial to quickly update the language.

Add a layout

See how easy it is to add a Layout into the RMS System which allows to visualize nicely which variable is measured where it is and its state.

Add a dashboard

Learn how to quickly add a dashboard into your Rotronic Monitoring System. The dashboard offers individual users the possibility to show the most important parameters for him in one view.

Notification overview (warnings, alarms and errors)

Find out everything you need to know about the various notifications within RMS.

Add a wireless device

Learn how quick and easy a wireless device can be integrated into the Rotronic Monitoring System?