Breathing Air for Medical and Diving Applications

Compressed air is used as breathing air in hundreds of applications, from medicine and diving through to military and fire safety. Controlling moisture levels in the air is essential: if it is too dry or too wet the user will find it very uncomfortable to breathe. Where the breathing air is piped – for example in a hospital – too much moisture may lead to the growth of bacteria in the system.

Analytical Industries Inc’s oxygen sensors have FDA approval for use in medial applications.

Oxygen and CO levels must also be monitored, especially in applications whether the breathing air has been bottled. In scuba diving tanks, there is a danger that CO levels will become dangerously high posing a real threat to live.

Technical divers spend long periods at high pressures and need to breathe a special mix of gases rather than normal air. The exact mix of oxygen, helium and nitrogen varies according to the depth of dive and the local ambient conditions. Specific ‘Trimix’ analyzers provide accurate readings of the gas mixture to ensure divers’ safety.

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