Moisture and Oxygen Control in Electronics Manufacture

Modern manufacturing of electronics components often requires optimal environmental conditions to achieve best product quality, maximum yield and avoid costly product defects.

Often, well defined oxygen gas concentrations are required to enable e.g. a solder furnace or a curing oven to maintain optimal process integrity in order to produce desired product quality and minimize scrap costs. Oxygen analyzers will be used in following applications:

  • PC board Manufacturing, Solder Machines
  • Fluxless solder pastes developed to eliminate use of CFCs in washing boards
  • Require use of an inert atmosphere in the solder machine to prevent bad joints caused by oxide formation
  • Wave and reflow soldering
  • Furnace applications in the manufacturing of components such as capacitors
  • Some special assembly processes sensitive to oxygen require glove boxes with inert gas

The two main automated processes used in electronics manufacturing plants for soldering components to an assembled PCB are reflow soldering and wave soldering. Managing temperature and relative humidity levels in the manufacturing environment is the key to maintaining high levels of quality and reducing overall defects in finished products.

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