Quality and Safety for Refineries and Petrochemical Processing

Moisture measurements

In many petrochemical processes the presence of moisture has serious detrimental effects on plant operation and production efficiency. For instance, the presence of moisture in solvents used in polymer production results in adverse changes in fluid viscosity and drying times. Accurate and fast moisture measurements are key to maintaining quality.

  • Ethylene gas and solvent liquid dehydration in polymer plants
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons in BTX plants
  • Butadiene in synthetic rubber manufacture

Oxygen measurements

Oxygen is an undesired contaminant in petrochemical refining that negatively impacts the reaction or degrades the final product. E.g. olefin co-catalyst systems will provide high yields and quality of the final polyolefin if the olefin feedstock stream is absolutely oxygen free. UHP Oxygen analyzers with ppb or low ppm capabilities are needed to ensure the production can be maintained at optimum.

Additional reasons to monitor oxygen in petrochemical processes:

  • High oxygen levels cause damage to catalysts used in polymer production
  • High oxygen levels slow down the production processes, decrease yield and cause quality problems
  • Leak indication

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