Advanced Instrumentation for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Healthcare Industries

The Process Sensing Technologies (PST) Group companies offer a range of instrumentation to monitor and control the various environments necessary to ensure quality and safety in pharmaceutical applications. These include high-accuracy transmitters and data loggers for various parameters, fail-safe oxygen analyzers as well as GAMP5 and FDA/EU compliant room monitoring systems, and they are found at all stages in the pharmaceutical process, from research and production to storage and transportation.
To guarantee first-class product quality the following key parameters are important: relative humidity, oxygen, water activity, temperature, differential pressure, low dew point and CO2. Cleanrooms used for production processes require precise control of the ambient air in particular, humidity, temperature and the number of airborne particles.
PST brings together years of experience in serving this specialised and demanding industry, making it easier for you to find the exact product, or mix of products and systems, to create the solution you need for critical measurement points throughout your process.

Rotronic Continuous Monitoring System RMS

The Rotronic Monitoring System (RMS) is one of the most flexible monitoring systems available on the market today. From small applications with one measurement point to larger systems with several thousand measurement points, RMS offers tailor-made solutions.
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Relative Humidity and Temperature Measurements

Maintaining the required humidity and temperature in the different stages of the production of drugs is key to ensure the safety and potency of the medication. Therefore, measuring humidity and temperature in production, storage and while transporting pharmaceutical goods is compulsory and highly regulated.

Water Activity Measurement

Too much free water in a product increases the risk of microbial growth and water migration. This can lead to clumping, changes in consistency and reduced shelf-life. FDA regulations require proof that the water activity of a product has been reduced sufficiently so that bacteria can’t grow.

Oxygen Measurements

Oxygen analysis plays an important role in ensuring the safety of pharmaceutical production. Wherever powders and solvents are used in large quantities there is a risk of explosion and many pharmaceutical processes use an inert blanketing gas such as nitrogen to remove oxygen.

Differential Pressure Measurements

Differential pressure is measured and monitored where even minor differences in pressure can have a big effect. The fields of use therefore range from cleanrooms, operating theatres and laboratories to applications in research, technology and the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) processes.

Low Dew-Point Measurements

Low dew-point and trace moisture measurement plays a key role in monitoring industrial dryers for efficiency and to ensure product quality.

CO2 Measurement

CO2 Measurement is critical for certain applications such as incubators and for safety when using dry ice. However, CO2 is also an important parameter to ensure indoor air quality (or control odour, e.g. for industrial medical cannabis production).

Calibration Equipment

Relative humidity probes require regular calibration to ensure continued accuracy. Users of large numbers of probes will have significant cost savings by bringing this in-house and PST have a range of calibration equipment to suit different sizes of operation and budgets.
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