Indoor Air Quality Monitoring – CO2, Temperature and Humidity


We all know the situation: meetings where individuals‘ performance drops sharply. In most cases, this is a direct result of the poor quality of the air in the room.

Some 25 to 35 cubic meters of fresh air are needed per person per hour in an enclosed room, given normal activities. This ensures that the carbon dioxide (CO2) content remains below 1,000 ppm (ppm = parts per million [value of the proportion of carbon dioxide in the air]), and that the volatile substances exuded by humans are extracted to a sufficient degree. Since many buildings are airtight nowadays and basic ventilation is no longer guaranteed, the quality of indoor air suffers, resulting in, for example, mildew. An airtight building therefore needs an efficient ventilation concept.

With its Rotronic CO2 measuring instruments, PST offers CO2 instruments which additionally measure other air quality parameters such as temperature and humidity. The ideal average (office) room temperature varies between 20 and 23 °C and from 40 and 60 % relative humidity. The compact instruments are easy to use and display the data without complication. They show at once, when a room needs ventilated and can be used to determine in which rooms air quality is particularly problematic.

PST also offers broad range of SST Sensing CO2 gas sensors based on infrared optical detection technology with expansive measurement ranges, for rapid detection of CO2 at up to 100% concentration levels. These have demonstrated exceptional performance for HVAC quality control and performance monitoring for a broad range of end-use applications.

If a more comprehensive solution is required PST recommends the Rotronic Monitoring System (RMS), which provides all desired parameters in a single online database in real time - across different rooms and locations.