14 June 2022

Shanghai COVID-19 lockdown: Order delivery and our ‘Ice breaking’ action

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Shanghai has implemented a lockdown policy since April 1st, 2022, to prevent COVID-19 infection throughout the city. These restrictions affect our operations at Michell Instruments (Shanghai), particularly around delivery.

However, it is paramount for us always to find a way to meet our customers’ needs. For this reason, delivery became our top-priority challenge, and we were determined to resolve it.

In a bid to meet our customers' expectations, we implemented a shipment 'ice breaking' action by allocating the Beijing and Nanjing offices as our new locations for shipment.

Our salespeople in Beijing and Nanjing are busy with orders and delivery simultaneously, we employed new shippers, and we now have the place and people ready.

For goods from abroad, our sources sent them to Beijing and Tianjin, and our sales team in Beijing packed and delivered them to our customers. Goods from Pudong customs and Shanghai headquarters were transported to Nanjing by qualified trucks and distributed by our sales team in Nanjing.

We performed these actions while observing the epidemic prevention policy, disinfecting goods and protecting personnel.

It is easy to say 'shipment under lockdown'.

But, in practice, it is a long and arduous process of communication and coordination. Our staff worked together to make it happen, with phone calls and online conferences.

Despite the complex process, we are glad our customers are receiving their orders.

We will continue trying our best to meet our customers' needs, even during the epidemic.

We hope everything returns to normal, and our cooperation will be more solid after these experiences.