Introducing the new XPM601 Oxygen Analyzer for Safer Hydrogen Production


Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer – Michell XPM601

The XPM601 Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer represents a significant advancement in monitoring O2 levels during the production of hydrogen, particularly in challenging and hazardous conditions.

Revolutionizing Green Hydrogen Production with Paramagnetic Technology

The XPM601 is a standout product in its field, employing cutting-edge paramagnetic measurement technology in a rugged yet compact design. This ensures exceptional precision and stability in measuring oxygen levels, which is vital for the safe production of green hydrogen via electrolysis. Notably, the XPM601 features an extended sensor lifespan, reducing maintenance frequency and offering a more economical overall ownership cost.

Compliance with Safety Standards for Hazardous Environments

The XPM601 excels in safety, meeting rigorous standards with certifications like UKCA, ATEX, IECEx, and cQPSus. These certifications affirm its safe operation in flammable gas compositions and hazardous areas. The analyzer also adheres to IEC 61508 standards and has SIL2 capability, solidifying its reputation as a secure and reliable oxygen monitoring solution.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Performance and User Experience

The XPM601 boasts numerous advanced features to optimize performance and ease of use:

  • Broad Measurement Range: Capable of measuring 0 to 5% O2 in H2, suitable for a wide range of hydrogen applications with minimal interference from variable background gases.
  • Superior Accuracy: Delivers an accuracy of less than ±0.1% O2 full scale, ensuring meticulous monitoring.
  • Through-Glass Display: Allows for operation and calibration without a hot works permit, enhancing safety and user convenience.
  • Versatile Output Options: Includes both analog and digital outputs, such as 2 x 4 to 20 mA outputs and Modbus RTU over RS485, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems.
  • Pioneering Sustainable Energy Solutions

    The launch of the XPM601 not only establishes new benchmarks in safety and precision but also underscores PST's dedication to advancing sustainable energy technologies. Click here for further details about the XPM601 and its benefits for your green hydrogen operations