H2O2-resistant humidity probe: Rotronic HC2A-S(M)-HH for reliable use in applications with regular sterilization


Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is used to sterilize clean rooms, incubators, and other equipment. In the process, humidity is crucial for effective sterilization.

H2O2 hinders the measurement of water vapor by occupying the pores on the sensor’s surface. It can also attack sensitive materials such as the polymer used in humidity sensors. Conventional humidity sensors have difficulty measuring accurately at high H2O2 concentrations and often fail.

Not so with the latest PST humidity probe range "Rotronic HC2A-X-HH". Due to the specially developed HYGROMER-HH-1-SK sensor with additional protective lattice, it is more resistant to H2O2 and the service life is considerably extended compared to standard sensors for these applications. The HYGROMER-HH-1-SK sensor has already been proven under sterilization conditions for over ten years. Some of the largest suppliers of H2O2 decontamination equipment have partnered with PST and rely on our measurement technology and expertise to ensure their solutions are effective and safe for their clients.

Highlights of the Rotronic hydrogen peroxide sensor

  • Measures relative humidity, temperature and dew point
  • Based on HYGROMER® HH-1-SK sensor for hydrogen peroxide environments
  • Advanced probe housing and design
  • Interchangeable during operation
  • Conformity with GAMP
  • Accuracy: ±0.8 %rH, ±0.1 K @ 10...30 °C
  • Measuring range from 0...100 %rh and 0...60 °C

The Rotronic HygroClip2 (HC2A) advanced probe portfolio

The Rotronic humidity sensor portfolio is based on the HygroClip2 (HC2). A sensor that belongs to the best accuracy class. It provides highest reproducibility and a guaranteed system accuracy of +/- 0.8 %rh and 0.1 K. The HygroClip2 is available in various designs:

Rotronic HC2A-S-HH & HC2A-SM-HH
Rotronic HC2A-S-HH & HC2A-SM-HH
Rotronic HC2A-S-HH & HC2A-SM-HH
Rotronic HH-1-SK Sensor

From handheld instruments and data loggers to sophisticated cable probes for high temperature and other special applications, you will find exactly the probe you need. What they all have in common is their high precision, which can be further enhanced by individual adjustment using our AirChip. This is exactly what makes every sensor in our range a high-end product for normal and industrial applications.