Advanced Dew-Point Generator – Michell ADG400

Moisture Generator with Powerful Features to Run Automated Calibrations


  • Full-color touch-screen HMI
  • 11-point factory programmed dew-point setpoint table from -80 °C to +20 °C at 10 °C intervals
  • 13-point user programmable dew-point setpoint table
  • 3 programmable 13-point automatic calibration profiles with customizable timings
  • Change set points using serial commands via built-in USB port
  • Remote Access mode allows HMI to be operated using a
    connected PC
  • Temperature-controlled enclosure to ensure output stability
    and repeatability

The ADG400 is designed for use as part of a hygrometry calibration system. It is capable of repeatable generation of dew points across a range of -80 °C...+20 °C, when used in conjunction with the Michell Instruments PSD2 pressure swing dryer.

The generation technique is based on the volumetric mixing of dry and wet gases. It gives the fastest response when changing between set points in comparison to other dew-point generator technologies (such as two-temperature, two-pressure or a combination of both).

The HMI allows the dew point to be changed and automated calibration profiles to be designed and run. The USB interface allows remote control of the HMI and integration with customer software.