Explosion Proof Moisture Transmitter - Easidew PRO XP

Reliable Analysis of Dew-Point or Moisture Content in Gases and Liquids

Belangrijkste kenmerken

  • Measurement ranges -110 up to +20 °Cdp (-166 to 68 °Fdp)
  • Global explosion / flameproof certification
  • Accuracy ±1 °Cdp (±1.8 °Fdp)
  • 2-wire 4...20 mA output
  • Traceable 13-point calibration certificate
  • 450 bar (6527 psi) pressure rating
  • Low cost of ownership and easy maintenance with sensor
    exchange program
  • 3/4” UNF industry standard process connection
  • EN 10204 3.1 material certification
  • Moisture in gases and liquids
  • Integral display meter
  • Oxygen service cleaned


The Easidew PRO XP moisture transmitter is an explosion-proof dew-point transmitter for trace moisture measurements in gases or liquids in hazardous areas. It is certified by ATEX, UKCA, cQPSus, IECEx, and GOST for use in any North American, European or Asian zone.

The transmitter has a wide dew-point measurement range of –110 to +20 °Cdp (-166 to 68 °Fdp) with industry-standard process and electrical connections, ensuring low installation costs. The Easidew PRO XP incorporates the latest Michell Ceramic Metal-Oxide Moisture Sensor providing stable and reliable measurements for all new and replacement moisture applications. The unit can also be supplied with an integral 4-digit LED display, displaying the configured moisture output signal.


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