Trace Moisture Measurement and Analysis

Trace moisture sensors allow for measurements of dew point, moisture content and trace moisture in both gases and liquids. From extremely dry parts-per-billion measurements (-120°Cdp) to high-humidity conditions with dew points up to +60°C, our sensors are designed to reliably measure moisture in a wide range of applications. Our globally approved intrinsically safe and explosion-proof/flame-proof transmitters are available for use in hazardous areas.

Chilled Mirror Hygrometers

In many processes moisture is a critical factor that needs to be monitored, and controlled. Chilled mirror is the technology of choice for humidity measurements to national standards in laboratories worldwide.
Chilled mirror has the highest attainable accuracy of any dew-point measurement technology and provides excellent repeatability over a wide measurement range. It is a proven, well-established and reliable measurement technique: the temperature at which condensation forms on a surface is measured directly, so there are no calculated variables that could change over time. This means chilled mirror does not suffer from drift or hysteresis.

Industrial Hygrometry

Controlling trace moisture levels is essential in the oil and gas and petrochemical refining industries to ensure final product quality as well as operational safety and efficiency. The PST range includes highly accurate quartz crystal microbalance trace moisture analyzers, tuneable diode laser spectroscopy moisture analyzers which operate in changing background gas compositions as well as robust and reliable impedance-based moisture analyzers which can detect moisture in both gases and hydrocarbon liquids.
The analyzers and sampling systems in the range are designed to meet world wide safety standards from ATEX, IECEx, FM, CCSAUS and GOST-Ex.

Process Moisture Analyzers

Michell’s ranges of dew-point transmitters and portable hygrometers are designed to operate in tough industrial conditions. Based on their advanced ceramic dew-point sensing technology the instruments are cost-effective and reliable. A unique calibration exchange service ensures minimum plant downtime for smooth, continuous operation.

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