New versatile dew-point hygrometer for high-purity gas applications


dew-point hygrometer for high-purity gas applications

Hygrometers For Trace Moisture in Pure Gases

The new Pura Advanced Online 2 Hygrometer from Michell Instruments combines highly accurate measurements of trace moisture with live pressure compensation. Designed for control of moisture in high purity gas applications, the hygrometer features a clear, intuitive touch-screen interface for set-up and operation.

The ability to combine moisture and live pressure compensation is a key enhancement, as knowledge of the system pressure is essential to calculate moisture content from dew point. The option to include a pressure sensor alongside the moisture sensor means the Pura Advanced Online 2 Hygrometer offers users the benefit of increased accuracy when it comes to these calculated parameters.

The Pura is based on Michell’s latest ceramic metal oxide moisture sensing technology, which offers a fast response and high accuracy of ±1 °Cdp. With a measurement range of -120 up to -40 °C frost point, the hygrometer displays data in °C dew point, °F dew point, ppmV, lb/mmscf or g/m3 at pressures up to 240 bar.

Additionally, the hygrometer also provides 3-channel 4...20 mA analog outputs, Modbus RTU digital outputs and 4 user-configurable alarm outputs. As well as the 4-color display, the hygrometer can be configured remotely via application software.

Regular maintenance and recalibration are essential to ensure on-going reliability and Michell customers have two options to achieve this with minimum disruption.

Visit the product page: Ultra-Pure Moisture Hygrometers Michell Pura

Our Sensor Exchange Program

The sensor exchange program is designed to eliminate process downtime: customers order a guaranteed, reconditioned sensor and, when this arrives, replace and return their old sensor.

Where traceability of calibration is needed, Michell offers a re-calibration service at one of their regional calibration laboratories.

The Pura Advanced Online 2 Hygrometer is suitable for a wide range of high-purity gas applications such as gas purification systems, semiconductor manufacture, fiber optic production and industrial gas manufacture.

Learn more about our sensor exchange program