Boiler Combustion Efficiency

Boiler combustion efficiency within the oil, coal, gas and biomass boiler market

All combustion processes require the correct oxygen to fuel ratio as it directly effects boiler efficiency. Too little oxygen results in incomplete combustion creating harmful emissions. Setting the boiler to burn with excess oxygen is the normal solution to reducing emissions. SST’s Zirconium Dioxide oxygen sensors can help customers optimise their boiler combustion efficiency within the oil, coal, gas and biomass boiler market.

Results of incorrect combustion include fuel waste, an increased level of toxic emissions and potentially damaging the combustion system. Environmental and financial impacts can be significant.

The overheads of fuel consumption and system value are high in large scale industrial and commercial boilers/furnaces. In order to see return of investment and minimal running costs the operation must be kept at peak efficiency.

Complete combustion requires the correct ratio of fuel and oxygen. This is optimised and maintained by measuring the output of oxygen level of the exhaust/flue gas by using an oxygen sensor in a closed loop feedback system to a controller for regulating the input mix. This is especially useful when the quality of fuel supplied may vary (i.e. gas from different sources).