Controlling Moisture in Catalytic Isomerisation Processes


The Liquidew I.S. from Michell Instruments provides essential moisture in liquids measurements to maximise the lifetime of the catalyst bed in catalytic isomerization processes.

Designed for continuous online measurements in hazardous area, it can measure moisture in flammable liquids and easily retrofit into existing plant equipment. It is also part of Michell’s service exchange program for reliable and fast recalibration with minimal downtime.

Isomerising C5 and C6 paraffins to higher octane branched compounds is a key process in the production of gasoline fuel. Ensuring the desired reactions within the catalyst bed depends on strictly controlled levels of moisture in feedstock.

Effective online moisture in liquid measurements in the feedstock also enables process operators to maximise the lifetime of the catalyst bed. The failure to conform to set moisture limits is often very expensive in terms of lost productivity and unnecessary maintenance costs.