Nitrox breathing Gas Safety for Technical Divers

Technical diving - at depths greater than 150 feet (46 meters) - requires highly accurate and specific mixes of breathing gas to ensure the safety of the diver. Adding helium to mix of breathing gas reduces the risk of nitrogen narcosis as well as stress on the diver's lungs. This 'trimix' of oxygen, nitrogen and helium has to be calculated precisely for the depth of the dive and getting these ratios wrong could be fatal.

The AII-4001 Oxygen Helium Trimix Analyzer removes the risk of operator error in compensating for environmental factors, as well as being the most advanced, accurate and reliable analyzer for trimix gas available. Proprietary algorithms process inputs from 5 different sensors: oxygen, helium, temperature, pressure and relative humidity to eliminate errors from compensation calculations and environmental influences, thereby enabling users to analyze dive gas mixtures with confidence.