Control of Impurities in Syngas 

Syngas is generated from either coal gasification or from natural gas feedstock. Each process results in varying compositions and quality of syngas and further processing is usually required to standardise the gas and remove contaminants such as moisture.

The Promet EExd or Promet I.S from Michell Instruments uses ceramic metal oxide moisture transmitters for reliable on-line dew-point measurements. For high-precision measurements of moisture content, Michell’s QMA601 process moisture analyzer uses quartz crystal microbalance technology.

The MultiDetek3 (MD3) from LDetek is a gas chromatograph which can use up to three detectors at a time, each of which is capable measuring a range of impurities at ppbv levels. Thermal conductivity, flame ionisation detection (FID) and LDetek’s patented Plasma Emission Detector (PED) can all be integrated into the MD3 platform.