02 November 2020

Complete Measurement Solution for UHP Hydrogen

The HyDetek system from LDetek is a complete solution for ensuring the quality of ultra-high purity hydrogen.

Developed to meet the requirements of ISO 14687 Part 2 for fuel cells, the HyDetek uses the LDetek MultiDetek2 Gas Chromatograph with a combination of detectors and sensors to detect contaminants as well as monitor hydrogen purity.

LDetekā€™s PlasmaDetek2 plasma emission detector is used to monitor levels of impurities such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia and other trace hydrocarbons.

A quartz crystal microbalance moisture sensor detects trace moisture down to parts per billion. A thermal conductivity detector is used to measure hydrogen purity better than 99.99%.

Read the full application note:
Measurement of Trace Impurities in UHP Hydrogen for Fuel Cells