20 September 2022

Introducing New High Flow Dual Getters Gas Purifier Series

PST is pleased to announce the latest addition to our online analyzers and gas chromatograph ranges.

The new LDetek LDP2000 is a sub-parts-per-billion purifier for generating high purity calibration gas for online analyzers as well as generating high purity carrier gas for gas chromatograph systems. It is designed with temperature-controlled two stages of purification that guarantee grade 9.0 (99.9999999%) purity at its outlet.

Featuring two automatically switching getters, the LDP2000 is capable of high flows of up to 20LPM, allowing it to feed multiple analytical instruments from a single source without interruption.

Other key features include:

  • Realtime gas quality monitoring with a mini-PED (plasma emission detector) integrated in the device to monitor trace N2 and H2O at the outlet of the purifier (Optional)
  • Purity level and status alarms
  • Regeneration mode pre-programmed and available
  • Serial Port
  • Diagnostic LCD and its keypad
  • Indication LEDs
  • Interchangeable getter

  • Visit the product page to read the full product specifications.

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