03 November 2021

New cryogenic trap system ensures UHP helium carrier gas purity for GCs

Product Image

LDetek has developed a new cryogenic trap system that generates 99.9999999 % purity helium which is used as a carrier gas in process gas chromatographs, such as the MultiDetek2. A constant supply of ultra-high purity carrier gases not only reduces the risk of column degradation in GCs but also ensures the accuracy and reliability of the measurements.

The LDCryo is a stand-alone system used to generate 99.9999999% Helium purity carrier gas (Argon removal included) when used in combination with the LDP1000 heated gas purifiers.

The system includes our pressure monitoring LDPMS device with a purge/bypass valve arrangement. The two stainless steel traps are mounted in parallel in a 50 liter Dewar casing to ensure rotation and continuous carrier supply without interruption. The complete system is configured with VCR and welded gas connections.

Visit the LDCryo product page to read the full specifications.