22 August 2022

Most Compact Trace Nitrogen and Oxygen Analyzer: LDetek LDSENZ

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The LDetek LDSENZ is an ultracompact impurity analyzer for nitrogen and oxygen from PST.

With the new impurities’ gas analyzer, it is possible to detect both trace nitrogen and oxygen concentrations in Argon/Helium with a T90 value of less than 10 seconds within a defined range.

What makes it most compact?

LDSENZ utilizes our well-proven technologies, the plasma emission detector (PED) from LDetek and the Senz Tx (electrochemical/zirconia) series from NTRON, which allows it to combine analysies for both trace nitrogen and oxygen in one instrument.

To reduce and maintain the inlet pressure and flow rate of the sensors, the module features an integrated ultra-high purity mini pressure regulator, with a flow transducer for each of the sensors.

LDSENZ Features:

  • Senz Tx - Zirconia (ZR)
  • Senz Tx - Electrochemical (EC)
  • PED - Plasma emission detector
  • Accuracy: <+/- 1% of scale
  • Response Time(T90): <10sec
  • Operating Temperature Range: 5oC...45oC
  • Serial port for Modbus
  • 4-20mA analog output per sensor
  • 2 dry contacts
  • Web interface for admin

  • The new ultracompact trace nitrogen and oxygen analyzer can be applied to a wide variety of applications that require trace gas analysis, such as glove boxes, additive manufacturing, industrial applications, laboratories, and many more.

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