1 March 2022

Unique analyzer: ultra-stable sub-ppb N2 measurements in Argon for semiconductor industry

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Semi-conductor manufacturers are benefitting from greater confidence in the quality of their process gases thanks to improved detection of trace nitrogen at sub-ppb levels.

LDetek has enhanced its LD8000 Plus Trace Nitrogen Analyzer, which now offers a lower detection limit of 0.1 ppb N2. Designed specifically for the needs of semiconductor manufacturers, the upgraded analyzer also offers a fast 60-second response time and better stability.

Based on LDetek’s patented plasma emission detector (PED), uses a combination of a controlled vacuum equilibrium, plus a network of valves to balance the excitation sources, to enhance the trace N2 readings. This drift-free method makes the LD8000 Plus the most effective instrument currently on the market to measure trace nitrogen at the sub ppb level.


Key highlights of the upgraded LD8000 Plus include:

Self-cancelling effect from gas line contamination & surface absorption by coated gas line and optimized vacuum conditions.

Ultra-stable measurements: Interference and temperature drift have been reduced to minimum with the use of the continuous differential measurement between sample gas and nitrogen free reference gas.


Fast response analyzer for improved process control.


LDetek has issued a design report, giving full details of the analyzer’s linearity, accuracy, and repeatability along with test data and chromatograms. You can download a copy of the report from ProcessSensing.com.