Process Sensing Technologies - See The Invisible

When you manage a process, obvious threats that can be seen on the surface are only part of the picture. At Process Sensing Technologies, we specialize in measurement instrumentation and solutions that enable our clients to clearly see and monitor conditions that are otherwise invisible and pose a hidden threat.

Our proprietary humidity and gas measurement technologies detect down to parts per billion, allowing unique insights into processes that help our customers to innovate and progress. They gain safer conditions for people and processes, energy efficiency and improved product quality.

Our instruments and monitoring systems ensure critical infrastructure runs smoothly and without interruption, as well as maintaining compliance with demanding regulations.

Under several trusted brands we offer complementary product ranges and share a commitment to resolve the most demanding and sensitive measurement challenges of our customers through the expertise of our people. Our global network of PST employees and distribution partners delivers this expertise locally, with a deep understanding not only of the process but of the unique local conditions.

Process Sensing Technologies - What we do and how

Process Sensing Technologies designs and manufactures sensors, probes, transmitters as well as portable and online analyzers to measure trace moisture, relative humidity, oxygen and gases. Our analyzers measure gas concentrations from as little as parts per billion to pure gases and operate in both safe and hazardous areas.

Our continuous monitoring system, RMS, enables customers in either regulated or unregulated industries to create a flexible monitoring solution. We combine PST proprietary equipment with third-party sensors or data loggers and our own software to transmit and store the results to a secure database.

We own and manufacture the sensing technologies used in the vast majority of our products which enables us to continuously innovate, bring new products to the market, and remain in a leadership position. Our products directly improve the profitability of our customers and help them stay compliant with multiple industry regulations. Many of our products are integral parts of our customers’ equipment.

Highly complementary product ranges covering instruments, software and services
We help customers to stay compliant and maintain the highest quality
We embrace direct routes to market with a worldwide sales and service network
We offer solutions to improve the margins of our customers
We hire, grow and retain highly skilled experts with application knowledge
We provide worldwide service and aftermarket support via our PST sales and service network
We have a deep understanding of customer needs for lasting relationships and high levels of repeat business
We continuously innovate and improve technologies