Precision & Performance Humidity and Temperature Transmitter – Rotronic HF5A advanced

Exchangeable probes for Humidity and Temperature Measurement

Key features

  • Enables access to all HC2A and RMS digital interchangeable probes for Humidity and Temperature, Temperature Only or Differential Pressure measurements
  • Equipped with NFC Interface, for fast configuration even with NFC powerless function
  • Indicator LED on front Housing of the operating status and monitoring of analogue outputs
  • Range of application electronics up to -40…70°C / 0…100 %rH
  • HF5A-21 (2x2-wire loop version) Namur NE43 Compliant for fault diagnosis.


The HF5A-series is the latest development in advanced measurement transmitters. Compatible with our range of digital (HC2, HC2A and RMS) probes for humidity and temperature temperature only, and differential pressure. The HF5A can also provide all standard psychrometric outputs. Our advanced digital probes have integrated AirChip3000 technology – thanks to which the probes achieve an unparalleled degree of accuracy. For Humidity and Temperature measurements the HygroFlex5 Advanced HF5A-21, HF5A-31 and HF5A-D1 transmitters combined with a HC2A-S advanced probe provide superb precision and state-of-the-art functionality, taking humidity and temperature measurement to a whole new level of accuracy < 0.8 %rh and < 0.1 K at 23 °C. HygroFlex5 outputs include mA, voltage and modbus RTU via RS485.


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